Friday, March 28, 2014

Come get toned and flexible with Twinkle Dance Adult Ballet!!

Twinkle Dance is not just for children but for adults too. Fulfil your childhood fantasies and become the ballerina you've always dreamt of. Ballet has many health benefits, here are just a few:

Reducing stress 
Are you stressed from a hard days work or the sudden deadline your boss has thrown at you last minute. Come and release that stress with ballet, where you can learn an outlet of emotional expression, connecting body with mind which allows the body to express any emotional distress.

Building lean muscles 
Many join the gym, sports teams and other forms of exercise at the beginning of the year but sometimes they can lead to gaining bulky muscles. With ballet that's not the case, ballet builds strength and lengthens your muscles, leaving your body in a lean small frame.

Improving posture
Are you one to sit in a dreary grey office all day, sat in a static chair staring into a computer screen, if so then come straighten out those hunched over backs with the upright, elongating movements of ballet. Known to improve posture even in everyday situations such as walking down the street. You will be glowing with confidence.

Less back pain 
The majority of people spend most of their day sitting down which can lead to back pains. Ballet is a wonderful exercise for building core strength in the back, it emphasises on elongating the spine throughout all movements. You will notice an improvement in your back after only a few classes. 

Flatter stomach
Ballet not only works on your back but also the core muscles in your abdomen. Throughout ballet you are taught to engage your abdomen at all times leading to a flatter more solid stomach. Ballet dancers often notice their waistline slimming down and having well toned muscles.

Want to find out more? Come check out our recent debut on TVB Pearl Dolce Vita, where they give you a tour of our studio and an insight of our Adult Ballet classes.


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