Friday, February 27, 2015

Bibbidi bobbidi Twinkle! Cinderella themed classes are coming your way.

Many ballerinas dream to be a princess and what better princess to be than one that gets to wear a magical dress to the ball where she meets her prince charming, this princess is called Cinderella
 Cinderella is a wonderful story of adventure from pumpkins turning into carriages to animals helping her do her daily chores. Here at Twinkle Dance we will be fulfilling your child's princess dreams with our Cinderella themed classes this term. Not only will there be dancing but also the techniques of acting and performance will be used to portray the beautiful princess Cinderella. 
  Let's start from the very beginning... Once upon a time there was a girl called Cinderella who lived with her two wicked step sisters and step mother who saw her only as a maid. She spent her days cleaning and talking to her loveable animal friends who helped her complete her chores (where she will be using her highest tip toes to clean the most dirtiest of corners.) One day they were invited to the princes ball and Cinderella was not allowed to go. She was left at home and began to cry, then out of no where fairy god mother appeared."Don't cry Cinderella, you will go to the ball," said Fairy God Mother. She waved her magical wand and transformed Cinderellas old dress into a beautiful gown and her old shoes into glass slippers. Fairy God Mother didn't stop there, she also magically turned mice into horses ( your children will learn to travel using high knees and elevation) and a pumpkin into a carriage (we will be using ballet arm and feet positions to resemble objects in the story.) Now everything is complete, off to the castle we go (partner and group movement will be used to travel across the room, learning how to work together with other dancers.) The only rule is, "be back before midnight, as everything will turn back to what is was" fairy godmother explained. Cinderella arrives at the castle and prince charming immediately falls in love with her beauty. They then dance the night away ( a time for a child to use their creative minds to think of their own movement) until...... well there is more to the story but I guess we'll have to find out what happens next in ballet class.
Come and let your child be part of this magical story, where they can tip toe in their glass slippers and pirouette into prince charmings arms.


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