Friday, May 8, 2015

Mommy come and dance with your ballerina!

As a mommy we need to embrace our time with our children before they grow up and desire their own independency. We can eat with them, play with them and sleep with them, this becomes our day to day routine but we want to add a change to that mix. Lets dance with them! 
Here at Twinkle Dance we have opened up that opportunity with our ballet with mommy classes ( ages 14months to 2.5 year) where the studio is filled with the sweet laughter of children to proud parents. In this class we teach the beautiful art of ballet, through this we also want to build the bond between mommy and ballerina. With sing a long songs, tip toes, arm positions and much much more we will also enable their kinesthetic senses which will later on be essential in life. Mommy may need to help their ballerinas move at the beginning but as the weeks go on you will notice how quickly their movement memory develops. Leading to proud parents, we at Twinkle Dance love seeing the look on mommy's face when their ballerina can do it all by themselves. Sometimes they can do some moves that even mommy cant do. This class also prepares them for the next level up ( ballet 2-3 years) where ballerinas will partake in class all by themselves, with their knowledge of ballet with mommy class they can walk in with complete confidence. 
It is also a time where mommy can stretch her legs to, we understand that being mommy does not really leave much time for exercise so lets exercise with our children. This class may even bring back slight nostalgia of mommy's ballet class when she was little . 

We are holding ballet with mommy classes in two of our locations:

  8F Lansing House,41-47Queen's Rd Central, HK

Wan Chai
Spring Learning, 3/F, Centre Point, 181- 185 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, HK

Come now and book a trail class and join in the fun ballet class we have for you!

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